Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension

Category: Network Projects

Project Summary

2012 - 2015
This $503 million design-build project was awarded to Foothill Transit Constructors, a joint venture between Kiewit and Parsons. The project includes final design and construction of 11.5-miles of double light rail main track, 14 new bridges, eight modifications to existing bridges, six stations, three center platforms, three side platforms and a maintenance and operations facility. The project begins in Pasadena in the middle of the I-210 freeway, where Kiewit and Parsons left off on the Gold Line Phase 1 Project, and runs to Citrus College in Azusa, CA. This design-build project includes final design and construction of all aspects of the 11.5-mile rail extension, with the exception of the I-210 Bridge and future station parking facilities. This contract award keeps the first Measure R rail project to go to construction on schedule for a 2015 delivery.

My Role

I set up three offices for this project; the IPMO office and two field offices. The IPMO had the core router, layer 3-switches, servers, and wireless access points. The two field offices connected to this equipment over wireless access points, layer 3-switches, and radio antennas. The IPMO was the main circuit, and then I used line of sight microwave radio antennas from Ceragon Networks. We built out a trailer with solar panel units and placed it on the side of the mountains in Azusa, CA. From the IPMO we pointed it to the side of the mountain and shot the signal down to the two field trailers. I would visit this office a few times a month for technical support.

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