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I am a Southern California native who pursued a degree in Information Systems Security at Westwood Technical College. From a young age, I had an insatiable curiosity for electronics and eagerly disassembled anything with a power button. It was evident early on that my passion for technology would pave the way for my career.

While in college, I gained valuable experience working as a help-desk support technician at Carl Karcher Enterprises. After completing my education, I was fortunate to join one of the world's largest construction companies.


The Walsh Group Corporation 2016-Present

For the initial five years of my tenure at The Walsh Group, I served as an Information Technology Project Manager. During this time, I successfully oversaw a $2.5 billion construction project in Inglewood, California, managing the IT infrastructure for eight office networks, supporting over 400 users, and implementing a suite of Information Technology solutions. My responsibilities encompassed managing SharePoint, network equipment, computer/iPad/iPhone deployment, and the development of the project website.

Subsequently, my role evolved into that of a Senior Regional Technology Coordinator. In this capacity, I extended my support to the corporate team, overseeing the project mobilization and demobilization processes from an Information Technology perspective. This role involved interviewing, procuring, team management, and contributing to logistics planning.

I am currently a part of the IT infrastructure team and hold the position of Sr. IT Infrastructure Engineer. In this role, my responsibilities encompass designing, implementing, and maintaining the company's IT infrastructure, with a focus on ensuring its security, reliability, and scalability. I collaborate closely with other teams, including security, network, and application teams, to ensure that the infrastructure aligns with the overall business objectives. Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends is a priority, as I continuously work on enhancing the IT infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the business. Additionally, I am actively involved in the deployment and governance of our Microsoft Power Automate suite for the company.

Kiewit Corporation 2008-2016

I spent nine years at Kiewit Pacific Sons in the Southern California District, where we engineered and constructed a multitude of impressive infrastructure projects. During my tenure, our district successfully completed various projects, including water treatment facilities, desalination plants, power plants, and transportation projects across the Western United States. Throughout my time there, I held various technology roles that played a crucial role in supporting the district's success, such as Web Developer, SharePoint Administrator, Solutions Technology Manager, and IT Network Administrator.

Tech Pro HQ

I possess a distinctive skill set – more than just a technologist, I am a dedicated problem solver! I thrive on challenges and relish the opportunity to find solutions. If you're grappling with a technology-related issue that requires resolution, I'm here to assist. I am the owner of Tech Pro HQ, a technology solutions company, and I encourage you to explore my portfolio to see examples of past projects. Don't hesitate to reach out today to begin addressing your technology challenges.

Dad Bridge

The Dad Bridge Show is a podcast show for dads by fathers. It aims to bridge the gap from dad to fatherhood. COMING SOON!


Beyond the realm of technology, I find joy in surfing, quality family time, adventurous pursuits, and exploring new destinations. I'm excited to share my DIY projects, travel escapades, thrilling surfing adventures, and more through My Blog and YouTube Channel. If you're interested in technology-related content, don't forget to check out the Tech Pro HQ channel. Videography has rapidly evolved into a personal passion, allowing me to capture life's moments both online and offline. You could say I'm riding the waves of life, both in the ocean and on the web!

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