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Hi, I am Kevin and this is me!


I grew up in Southern California and studied Information Systems Security at Westwood Technical College. At a very young age, I took apart anything with a power button. I knew that my interest in electronics would spark a career in technology. During college, I worked for Carl Karcher Enterprises; I held a help-desk support technician role. After college, I got hired by one of the world's largest construction companies.

Kiewit Corporation

I worked at Kiewit Pacific Sons for nine years out of the Southern California District. The Southern California District engineered and constructed many impressive infrastructure projects. While employed, my district built water treatment facilities, desalination plants, power plants, and transportation projects in the Western United States. I held many different technology roles in helping the district succeed. These roles were Web Developer, SharePoint Administrator, Solutions Technology Manager, & IT Network Administrator.

The Walsh Group Corporation

For the first five years of my employment at The Walsh Group, I was an Information Technology Project Manager. I managed a 2.5 billion dollar construction train project through Inglewood, California. I supported eight office networks with over 400 users, worked on a suite of Information Technology solutions. I managed SharePoint, network equipment, computer/iPad/iPhone deployment, and developed the project website. As of recently, my role has changed to SR. Regional Technology Coordinator. I also assist the company's corporate team. I manage the project mobilization and demobilization process from an Information Technology perspective. I interview, procure, manage the team, and assist in all the logistics. Currently, I am working and assisting in the deployment and governance of our Microsoft Power Automate suite to the company.

You can read more about my resume on my LinkedIn profile.

Information Technology Solutions Available

I have a unique set of skills. Not just a technologist but a problem solver! I love a good challenge and love to solve problems. If you're looking at a technology problem that needs solving, I can help. Here are the solutions I offer. You can also take a look at my portfolio for past projects. Reach out today to start solving your technology woes.

Kevin's YouTube & Blog

Outside of technology, I enjoy surfing, family, adventuring, and travel. My Blog and YouTube Channel will host my technology DIY projects, travel, surfing adventures, and more. Videography has quickly become a passion of mine. You could say I am surfing life and the web!

"Success isn't a destination. It is our daily journey that makes us successful."

-Kevin P. White